Shaykh Jibril is a Sunni Muslim theologian who neither adheres to the Salafi or Sufi schools of thought. He is not a Sufi nor is he against Sufis or any other groups in Islam as long as they follow sirat-ul-mustaqeem (the straight path) and as long as they command what is right and forbid what is evil.

Shaykh Jibril El-Iman is a Sunni Muslim theologian of Turkic and Arab origins born in Sydney, Australia. Shaykh Jibril started receiving his serious Islamic Education from his scholarly father and the Turkish Hafiz and Alim, Ahmed Erdem. For a period of 13 years, he engaged in intensive learning averaging about 30 to 60 pages read per day. During this time, Shaykh Jibril also attended courses at Auburn Gallipolli Mosque and spent 5 years living in Islamic boarding schools and Islamic madrasahs where he studied Quranic Memorisation, Fiqh, Hadith, Tafsir, Ma’rifatul-Allah along with Aqeedah and Kalam on a full-time basis.

Towards the end of year 2000, being prompted by an elite Muslim scholar, Professor ┼×ener Dilek, Shaykh Jibril relocated to an Islamic madrasah for the development of scholars, benefiting much in terms of knowledge and wisdom until 2005. This madrasah really made Shaykh Jibril the man he is today. The scholars in the madrasah expected nothing but excellence and no less than 12 hours Islamic Studies per day. Shaykh Jibril, even though he was a daily reader of about 50 pages per day and had already read nearly 250 books on Islam before his trip to Turkey, had to average no less than 100 pages per day read (And in the 3 holy months of Rajab, Sha’ban and Ramadan had to average 200 pages) to keep his place at the madrasah he was studying at (madrasah tul-Bukhari). During this time, Shaykh Jibril also learnt Quraishi Tajweed and Qira’at as well as studying the areas he had always studied – Fiqh, Hadith, Tafsir, Ma’rifatul-Allah, Aqeedah and Kalam. Shaykh Jibril also studied for shorter stints in multiple Arab and non-Arab countries, visiting and learning from scholars in the Gulf Region, Middle East, Europe and South-East Asia to name a few.

On his return to Australia, while continuing his religious development and dawah work, Shaykh Jibril fell in love with psychology, psychotherapy and sociology. While still studying Islam no less than 5 hours a day, 6 days a week, Shaykh Jibril also managed to read and study over 300 books and text books about Clinical Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Sociology and Psychotherapy. All up, Shaykh Jibril in his 25 years of full-time study has read over 1000 books on Islam and Psychology.

His philosophy is if a person’s mind is ill, it makes it increasingly harder to absorb and practice the truths of Islam, and for a healthy psychology a person must embrace, understand and practice Islam.

Shaykh Jibril is a strict creationist who is strongly against the falsehood of evolutionism. As of the last 5 years as well as previously in his life he has focused extraordinarily on the proving of Allah’s existence and the purpose of life. Shaykh Jibril strongly opposes fanaticism and extremism and is specifically opposed to suicide bombing which he believes is 100% deserving of eternal hell-fire. Shaykh Jibril’s approach is one of positive, constructive activism. He believes that if Islam is properly understood it will be loved and appreciated and will solve all of the problems that mankind faces today. He directs the majority of his time to the spreading of Iman and the eternal salvation of mankind. He encourages worldly successes and the development of Muslim societies who are well-versed in religious and worldly sciences. Personally, Shaykh Jibril has no interest for politics for he believes that a spiritually sick and a religiously ill-educated Muslim community cannot ever succeed within their own homes, let alone on the World stage. He points to the fact that most Muslims have not read the Holy Quran or its translation from beginning to end chronologically for them to be guided sufficiently. How can one be guided when they are not properly familiar with the book that was sent to guide them?

Much more could be said about Shaykh Jibril but he is a very private person and a person who is not overly fond of compliments or praise. The only thing that interests him is the Pleasure of Allah and the thing that terrifies him the most is the displeasure of Allah. We thank you for visiting our page and hope that the materials here will assist your worldly and eternal lives. Essalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu.

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